East Africa is one of the wonders of the world. Not only are the diversity and abundance of large mammals legendary, but the birding is some of the world's richest. Nearly 1100 species of birds have been recorded in Kenya, and more species have been seen in one day here (330) than anywhere else on Earth.

It's a real treat to watch Hartlaub's Turacos and flocks of Red-fronted Parrots from a lodge rooftop set within montane forest — while sunlight dances on snow-capped Mount Kenya beyond. Or to slowly work the tracks in arid Samburuland, watching for Vulturine Guineafowl, Martial Eagle, coursers, sandgrouse, bee-eaters, and bushshrikes. To look out at dawn over Lake Nakuru, speckled with nearly a million flamingos...or to view a Bristle-crowned Starling or Hemprich's Hornbill at the base of the lofty cliffs of the Great Rift Valley. From tiny wattle-eyes and fanciful sunbirds in the rainforest at Kakamega to Secretarybirds foraging among the ungulates on the open plains of Masai Mara — with Lions or Cheetah never far away. To save much travel time we now fly to the coast direct, where in addition to Crab-Plover and Sokoke Scops-Owl, a whole array of barbets, woodpeckers, thrushes, flycatchers, batises, helmet-shrikes, and sunbirds await us.

Our tour is designed to focus primarily on the birds of Kenya without ignoring the fabulous mammals. We should record around 600 species of birds, representing nearly all the bird families of Africa, and as many as 60 species of mammals!

Note: The limit for this tour is just six participants. Transportation will be primarily in pop-top 4X4 Toyota Landcruisers, especially adapted for wildlife viewing. Each participant will have a window seat, and there is room for everyone to stand up through the open roof. We will be staying in hotels and lodges that offer an amazing degree of comfort and convenience in some of the finest birding habitats.

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