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"This tour was even better than we had hoped. Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld were really wonderful. Cape May is a truly lovely place and the guides showed it and the birds in all their glory!"

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Red-headed Tanager, by guide Dan Lane
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DOUG GOCHFELD: Field Guides Leader

Doug Gochfeld made the jump from a love of trains, planes, and automobiles typical of many 7-year-olds to an avid interest in birds after a close encounter with a Steller's Jay in the Pacific Northwest. This filled his early formative years with scouring the urban landscape of New York City for birds with his father. After a teenage break from all things avian, he returned to it with a vengeance, and he hasn't looked back.

His first birding job was as a migration counter at the legendary Cape May Bird Observatory, where his love of and interest in the dynamics of migration (of anything with wings, insects included!) was cemented. From 2006 to 2016, he worked with birds from New Hampshire to Arizona, and from Suriname to Israel. He has also spent a substantial amount of time guiding in Alaska, the bulk of which was spent on St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs.

Doug's strongest interests in birding are migration, vagrancy, and overall patterns of distribution. Shorebirds and seabirds (and any other long-distance migrants, really) hold a special place in his heart, and he has done intensive work studying the breeding and wintering ecology of Hudsonian Godwits in Alaska and Semipalmated Sandpipers in Suriname and Brazil.

In addition to being on the New York State Avian Records Committee, Doug is also passionate about spreading the gospel of birding and the outdoors, and to this end he participates in youth and urban birding initiatives and has guided at birding festivals across the country. His writing and photographs have been published in a myriad of venues.

Doug has co-led Field Guides groups from Alaska, Trinidad, Panama, Cape May, and Arizona, to Newfoundland/Nova Scotia, New Guinea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Texas, Puerto Rico, Madagascar, and more, and he brings Florida and Israel back into our schedule in 2018. Scroll down to see his tours below--we think you'll have a great time traveling with him!

"I wanted to go to Cape May and witness spring migration. Field Guides had a tour that worked with my schedule. I don't often go on guided tours...this trip was so fabulous...way beyond my expectations. If I had to pick one best feature it would be the guides, Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld. Their birding skills were incredible and they really made this an incredible adventure. Your office service was very good, efficient. I look forward to my next adventure with Field Guides." K.M., Spring in Cape May

"The Pennsylvania Warblers & More trip was excellent. The guides were experts in finding and identifying birds and bringing them in for good looks. We saw every breeding warbler on the list, and quite a few migrants as well. The scenery and camaraderie were also outstanding. I would love to repeat that trip with the same guides, Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld." J.F., Pennsylvania's Warblers & More

Here are a few links relating to Doug that we think you'll enjoy:
Traveling Trinovid (Leica) profile
A piece by Doug about raptor migration in Israel
Doug's Flickr photo site
Doug's Vimeo video site

Doug's Upcoming Tours

Dec 23-30, 2017 with Dan Lane & Doug Gochfeld
Superb birding with two dozen Mexican endemics and fascinating ruins while based in lovely Oaxaca City.
Feb 10-24, 2018 with Phil Gregory & Doug Gochfeld
A "last chance" destination for some of the large, rare Asian waterbirds now extinct in neighboring countries, plus additional regional specialties and world-famous Angkor Wat.
May be combined with Winter Japan
Mar 14-25, 2018 with Doug Gochfeld & local guide
Bear witness to one of the world's most impressive avian migrations, while seeing many regional specialties, against the backdrop of the starkly beautiful desert landscape of southern Israel.
Apr 13-23, 2018 with Eric Hynes & Doug Gochfeld
A short tour to seek out the state's prairie-chicken and grouse species.
Apr 28 - May 6, 2018 with Doug Gochfeld & Mitch Lysinger
A new tour for numerous specialties from Central Florida south to the Keys and Dry Tortugas.
May 13-19, 2018 with Tom Johnson & Doug Gochfeld
Spring migration at one of the country's famed birding hotspots.
May 31 - Jun 8, 2018 (I) with Chris Benesh & Doug Gochfeld
Survey in two parts: Part I to the Pribilofs and Denali; Part II to Nome, Seward, and Barrow.
Jun 7-17, 2018 (II) with Chris Benesh & Doug Gochfeld
Survey in two parts: Part I to the Pribilofs and Denali; Part II to Nome, Seward, and Barrow.
Jul 5-22, 2018 with Jay VanderGaast & Doug Gochfeld
Birds-of-paradise and bowerbirds are the crown jewels of one of the most remarkable bird faunas, set against a fascinating cultural backdrop far removed from our own.
(New Britain Extension to Jul 27, 2018)
Oct 5-25, 2018 (I) with Chris Benesh & Doug Gochfeld
In two parts for those with limited time. Part I covers the environs of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, southwest Australia, and Alice Springs. Part II begins in Darwin and continues to Queensland (Cairns, Atherton Tableland, Outback Queensland, and O'Reilly's Guest House). Both parts combine for a complete birding tour of Australia.
Nov 24 - Dec 14, 2018 with Dave Stejskal & Doug Gochfeld
Intriguing survey tour to bird-rich but poorly known Vietnam.
Dec 28, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019 with Doug Gochfeld & local guide
Wonderful introductory birding tour to South America's riches, including bellbirds, toucans, manakins, and motmots.

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