This short tour is dedicated to the pursuit and observation of owls and nightjars in the premier nightbirding destination in North America: Southeast Arizona. Our search will take us from dry, mesquite-lined washes to cottonwood and sycamore riparian woodlands and pine/oak and spruce/fir forests in the mountains as we seek up to eleven species of owls and four of nightjars, including such special birds as Whiskered and Western screech-owls, the elusive Flammulated Owl, the tiny Elf Owl, the rare Buff-collared Nightjar, Mexican Whip-poor-will, and Common Poorwill. Other species more likely to be seen by the light of day include Barn Owl, Northern (Mountain) Pygmy-Owl, Great Horned, Burrowing, and Spotted owls, and Lesser Nighthawk.

But our birding won't be restricted to the nightbirds! We should see upwards of 160 species, including a fine sampling of the many Southeast Arizona specialties. Since our time here is limited, participants should be prepared for the possibility of irregular hours of sleep. Those interested in seeing these nightbirds at a more relaxed pace are encouraged to participate in our May Arizona: Birding the Border tour.

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Client comment
"An excellent trip. Far exceeded my expectations. Cory Gregory was an excellent guide. He is such an expert plus very organized. Has great interpersonal relationship skills. Group was very congenial. Office service was excellent, kept us well informed." N.Y., ARIZONA NIGHTBIRDS & MORE 2019