The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated archipelago in the world. Isolation equals speciation, and Hawaii comes through with an assortment of endemic species, including the Drepanidinae (Hawaiian honeycreepers), an entire subfamily endemic to the state! On our birding tour to Hawaii we'll try to locate the endemic landbirds as well as the specialty seabirds, although we're sure to also see a myriad of attractive, showy non-native species that now call the islands their home.

We begin our adventure on Oahu, the gateway to the state, where we'll hope to see a variety of bird species including Oahu Amakihi, Oahu Elepaio, Hwamei (Melodious Laughingthrush), and the colorful White-rumped Shama. We'll continue to Kauai, the Garden Island and the most lush of the main islands, for some of those native birds with exotic names--Kauai Elepaio, Kauai Amakihi, Anianiau, and Apapane. Finally, we'll visit the newest of the isles, the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea Volcano is creating more Aloha State on a daily basis and where we'll see some of Hawaii's forest birds, including Hawaiian Hawk, the impressive Iiwi, Hawaii Amakihi, Omao (Hawaiian Thrush), Nene (Hawaiian Goose), Hawaii Creeper, Akepa, and the marvelous Akiapolaau with its long, curved upper mandible and short, spike-like lower mandible.

Towering mountains, active volcanoes, black-sand beaches, highland forests, dry forests, semi-desert coastlines--you name it, Hawaii is a gorgeous and birdy destination!

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Client comment
"An excellent experience. Great birds and guides. Lodging and food were fine too. We have been very happy with all of our Field Guides tours. We have done a few with other companies but keep coming back. We know that we will have a good and safe trip." R.S., HAWAII 2019