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RAINFOREST & SAVANNA: Alta Floresta & the Northern Pantanal, Brazil
Pristine rainforest on the beautiful Rio Cristalino combined with the wilds of the Pantanal in search of Hyacinth Macaw, Harpy Eagle, Jabiru, Jaguar, and a large piece of the meaning of life.

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It has been said that there are but two kinds of people: forest people and savanna people. With that wisdom in mind, and certainly not wanting to leave anyone out, we aim to take you all (well, 8 of you) birding in two of our very favorite places in Brazil: Alta Floresta, for non-stop forest and sparkling rivers, and the northern Pantanal, a vast savanna/wetland without equal on the continent of South America. In the rainforest, we'll walk trails beneath enormous trees, take boat trips on dark rivers, and scan the treetops from a canopy tower. We'll make a special effort to find raiding army ant swarms and mixed-species flocks and get good views of a remarkable variety of fancy manakins and parrots. And the food at the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is worth the visit in itself!

Click our heels three times and we'll enter a different world, birding at three lodges along the fabled Transpantaneira highway as we explore the wilds of the northern Pantanal. This is the home of the highly prized Hyacinth Macaw, largest (and surely the loudest!) parrot in the world. As we roll across the landscape, the action is non-stop as Jabirus, jacanas, several species of ibises, storks, herons, toucans, thornbirds, woodpeckers, and raptors seem to have been stationed along the way. We'll spot numerous mammals, too, perhaps even Giant Anteater, Giant Otter, and Jaguar. We're sure to have a blast birding these two very different yet equally exciting habitats, with several days at each to ensure an unhurried pace--our birdlist will be staggering!

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2020 Departures
Jun 20 - Jul 5 ($7175)

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Jun 19 - Jul 4

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Jun 18 - Jul 3



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Guides for our tours
Marcelo Padua
Micah Riegner
Marcelo Barreiros

What to Expect
Good accommodations, easy terrain (one moderate climb to an overlook), warm to cool climate.

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