There is no better place in North America for dancing chickens than the state of Colorado, and no better time to find them than in April. We will seek out the prairie-chickens (Lesser and Greater) of the eastern plains, and the sage-grouse (Gunnison and Greater) and Sharp-tailed Grouse of intermountain parks, with an emphasis on watching the remarkable breeding displays of these five species at their leks (traditional dancing grounds). We'll also search for Dusky Grouse and White-tailed Ptarmigan; these species are challenging to find and do not gather in leks like the five aforementioned species, but we have generally good luck finding them at this season. Sprinkled in will be opportunities to see other game birds such as Wild Turkey, Scaled and Gambel's quail, and Northern Bobwhite.

Beyond the prime attraction of the lekking grouse, our adventure through Colorado provides a marvelous opportunity to study birds of the plains and mountains, from Mountain Plovers and Thick-billed and Chestnut-collared longspurs to Pinyon Jays, Lewis's Woodpeckers, and all three species of rosy-finches.

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Client comment
"I always travel with Field Guides because of the excellent guides and office support. I chose this tour to see the lekking grouse. I hesitated to sign up for a tour in the US (I prefer to "guide myself" in my home country!) but I am so glad I did. I could never had found the incredible grouse on my own, or come even close to the variety of birds our guides found for us. Your office service was excellent, as always. Field Guides is always the gold standard in my book. Another perfect experience." P.P., COLORADO GROUSE 2019