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GREAT RIVERS OF THE AMAZON I: Exploring the Rio Aripuana
A rarissimo opportunity to bird the magnificent yet poorly known Aripuana River, including several sites never before visited by ornithologists except on our previous, inaugural trip; expect surprises!

For an informative overview of all our current itineraries to this country--and how to choose among them--see Field Guides Brazil Tours.

This is one of several of our boat-based Great Rivers of the Amazon birding voyages in augurated in 2015.

You may not have heard of the Rio Aripuana. If you have, it was probably in the context of the epic Roosevelt-Rondon Expedition of 1914 that charted a mysterious Amazonian river. You see, the Aripuana is, in her biogeographic-barrier role, the lower "River of Doubt," the upper reaches of which Coronel Rondon famously named for ex-presidente Theodore. The Rio Aripuana is a right-bank tributary of the great Rio Madeira, and it was she who carried the expedition back to civilization (such as Manaus uniquely was, back in 1914 Amazonia). One of the remarkable things about the Aripuana is that she has aged so well these 100 years despite being poorly preserved. She continues to be one of the most hauntingly beautiful rivers in the Amazon basin, her long curves veiled in tall, dark forests few men have come to know. Indeed, she's a rich, old courser whose secrets have just begun to emerge. It is a tremendous privilege to be alive in this day more than a century later while she holds wild and free.

Just to whet your whistle, a couple of the special missions we'll accept are finding the as-yet-undescribed shrike-vireo Bret discovered several years ago (he predicts it will occur on the right bank of the Aripuana...), and also the ultra-rare Dwarf Marmoset (Cebuella humilis), a highly distinctive primate ancestral to the evolution of most of the Amazonian marmosets. There will be a great deal more!

So, anybody up for a treasure hunt in the steamy heart of the Amazon? This is not hidden envelopes in Central Park, folks. Think of it as a search for precious feathered and furred beings, some as yet unknown to science, that challenges the senses and lifts the spirit in a setting of fairy-tale proportions on a boat that lets dreams come true. That pretty much covers it.

Read or download formal descriptions from the "Special Volume" of the Handbook of Birds of the World (July 2013) of 15 new species of Amazonian birds, some of which may be found on this tour. Also available is the introduction to this chapter of the book in which Bret Whitney and Mario Cohn-Haft provide perspectives on new species discoveries across the Amazon basin.

Note: Many of you have been with us on these beautifully appointed boats over 20+ years of our Rio Negro Paradise: Manaus tours, and you know what a pleasure it is to travel the Amazon in this level of comfort and safety with your Field Guides guides calling the shots. So, we invite you to return for another run of a very different nature, or jump aboard for your first thrilling Amazon journey. Unfortunately, we'll be taking only 10 or 11 participants, so be sure to grab your space(s) as soon as you can!

Download an itinerary, triplist(s), request space, and see more about this tour...

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Live-aboard luxury, moderate terrain, warm to hot climate, cool rivers.

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